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NCCC Chinese Course Advertisement

NB: 2012 Autumn semester of NCCC Chinese Course 2012 happens at a new address:

Schjødt Advokatfirmaet
Ruseløkkveien 14, 7th floor
(Next to the Oslo Concert Hall)



Our course, powered by NCCC, started in February 2011 and is meant for both business people that work with China and are interested in knowing more about Chinese language and culture and for those who already have some experience in learning this language of the future!

During the spring and autumn semester last year, we have covered many topics and learned more than 400 words and phrases. Each semester has been made of 12 two-hour-sessions that take place every Tuesday (except for public holidays).

The topic we have covered so far are the ones we always get back to in our studying together. Those include:

– Introduction and greetings
– Family
– Numbers, dates and time
– Hobbies
– Visiting friends
– Shopping, clothes and money
– Talking about the weather etc.

While working on the topics, we have also studied Chinese language structure and grammar rules such as:

– Pronunciation and making short affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences
– Word order and auxiliary verbs
– Question words and measure words
– Introduction to Chinese characters
– Comparison in sentences

In addition we have also had very interesting power point presentations about Chinese culture, habits and life in this exotic land in general.


Dragana Paulsen is an experienced teacher in Chinese Mandarin language and has been working in linguistic education field for many years. She has been living in Norway for three years and is an active supporter of Norwegian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (NCCC).

Dragana took BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature in Serbia. She has lived in Chinese province Fujian for one year where she taught English to Chinese students and passed the test in Chinese Proficiency (HSK). She speaks five languages and is also an active member of CPN (Chinese Professionals in Norway).