Milwaukee, USA

Jump to another continent for only a week..hmm..many wondering faces set me off for this journey which will appear to be an amazing experience in one really beautiful country…

First thing that really amazed me in Wisconsin’s Cudahy were the green and peace, prefab houses just like those from movies about the USA’s countryside, almost each one of them has the American flag in the yard…Streets are broad and clean, so different then Belgrade city centre where I lived at the time…Parking? – No problem! Long sidewalks go along the special tracks that are actually open parking spaces, like saying “ Broad enough, both for the active and passive vehicles!”



During my stay in Cudahy, Milwaukee I spent about 90 percent of time with my cousins . That would say, mostly Serbs, or Serbian mixture, with this or that national spice, one of them even Indian! Serbs met me on the Chicago airport, Serbs made Serbian cevapcici for lunch, Serbs hosted me in traditional Serbian restaurant (here, a cousin makes a recommendation for ) with sljivovica brandy and – Serbian dinner…That small percentage of Americans that I met, was mostly in late night hours. Many of them drunk, (“Enjoy the moment, Manyana, Manyana!”), they appeared to be really friendly and open. I remember a few times  I was new in the pub, my little brother introduces me to someone, and I got a huge hug  (I kind of understand why these two words have the same grammar root:)) and hear: “Heyyy, SWEETHEART! HONEY, how ya doing???” So I was sweet honey both to the waiter and to Mr DJ ..oh, even to the lady that charges toilet services!!!

After many coffees, beers (‘Miller light”, most frequent one) and Jägerbulls, I caught a day to visit another place called Lake Geneva. How to depict Lake Geneva? Uh…so green, so nice, so sunny, so clean, so golf, so seagulls, so fresh water, so harmony!!!!! Man, this life’s so good!

Lake Geneva

The only thing that bugged me was my un-destroyable appetite and life gourmand parole “I like macro – but also microbiotics!”. That way, resting from Chinese vegetables and light cuisine I used to have in Serbia, I basically jumped on junk food oh so many sorts…Big dilemma – where to hit? Should that be EM DI, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway , Taco Bell…”Let’s eat to the beat!”

Friday and the Indian Summer Festival! Belgrade Beer fest moved to Milwaukee, I would say, beer and nice food and music all round, the only difference are those Indians walking next to you! I finally managed to caught one of them and place him next to me on the photo, which he only waited with :”Gotta a dollar for a beer?” Eh, neither these Indians are not what they used to be! Many concert stages around, among them : Harley Davidson Stage (celebrating their 105th birthday, all together with the “WELCOME HARLEY RIDERS” boards throughout the country. Enjoyed great rock music of the Canadian band Eagle and Hawk, while they obviously enjoyed back, waving and speaking into mike” Hey Serbs over there, who took the photos!”

The Beer Dude

Im an Indian in Milwaukee

Another stage was completely different. The kids in warrior colors presenting their culture and heritage…And. the band “Brule”..(give me just a moment, I simply HAVE TO find some online video with their music…) Listen, enjoy and buy!!!! The only thing I really cannot  retell here is the 10 minute fireworks above the Michigan Lake…huge water surface, I caught myself mixing its photos with those of the Atlantic ocean!!! In case you want to have a bath, better prepare yourself mentally for they say the water is so cold that only “crazy and brave Mexicanos” do it, while the rest of the nation enjoys just next to it, consuming unavoidable BBQ…

The only Saturday to be spent peacefully on the trip, was reserved for the huuuge and looong Mr Chicago.

Cikago rules
Chicago rules

Now, there you’ll meet real crowd, but also beautiful tall architecture, latest fashion in the streets, fancy restaurants…out of which we aimed to “Hooters”, fast food of course, but the main characteristic are the waitresses’ attributes that perfect match the name of the place. To clarify that, please visit :

Why can’t all the nice things last forever? To experience them again, I guess…When an opportunity to see Wisconsin one more time comes, I won’t have any second thoughts!

Parking in Chicago

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