Summer Fun in Stenungsund

Bicycle rides on their own paradise tracks, friends gathered at a sundy beach, new Tarzan 3D movie in the local cinema, bar quizes (also on Thursday evenings!) and all of this in one place – it can only be Stenungsund. The harbour, althouh big, can be quite full in July. Most of the boats tied to the docks by the thick ropes seems to be here all year round; guests have to fight for their place.


Once they have it, however, lots of fun is guaranteed. A day full of summer activities can begin. Local turist office rents bicycles and, as long as the riders reach it back by 6 pm, those wheels can go wherever; over the bridge to the Stenungsund eyeland (Stenungsön) and pass by the magnificent forest villas of the richmen from the past, down to the Hawaii beach or even further to the magnificent Sundsby manour (Sundsby säteri) on the Mjörn island.

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That version takes two bridges, many village roads and around 20 km.

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Back in the harbour free books are given to young and adults from the library in the cultural centre, people enjoy their fika (Swedish coffee break) at the centre`s cafe or a glass of beer at the neighbouring pub with the beautiful sea view. The quiz will start soon and many groups of friends by the creative name, such as «Better without Martin» , prepare for the general knowledge competition. Soon the docks echo sound of summer songs from the radio and the voice of the quiz host as he reads the challenging questions («What is the Swedish word for porcupine?»)

Like a background wall and the ruler of the whole area, the huge shopping centre «Stenungstorg» rises with two many shops to count, an excellent shelter (and/or excuse) to run into on a heavy rainy day. A river of people flows from «classic» shops (clothes, shoes, books, children toys) to adventurous ones (Asian pedicure and manicure salon) until their stomachs take them for dinner in one of the centre`s restaurants. The day is slowly coming to an end, the sky changes its evening outfit colours and it is time for a good night rest, because there is so much more to experience the next day,


Text by Dragana Paulsen

Photos by Kjartan Ivar Paulsen and Dragana Paulsen

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