Madrid in Early Spring

¡Buenos días! Morning sun rays are spreading down the Paseo de la Habana. Winter has finally given up. The Iberian blue is spreading above for those that stept out in the street heading for the Saturday morning loaves, as if awarding them for the choice they made. The choice of getting up earlier, before 10 o`clock, when most of the others are still sound asleep or lazily planning tonight`s party or simply elbowing in the crowd with everyone else.

The bus is less frequent than on working days; maybe it would also gladly leave all the work for mañana.  As it rolls it wheels towards the Plaza de Cibeles, it is actually possible to hear the recorded voice saying the name of the bus stops. Every Monday however the lively and excited talks onboard will again fill the space and Madrid`s living organism is back on working track; people and their energy, words and laughter make that 3rd biggest EU city`s blood, vessels and hormons! But during Saturday morning the good organism is taking it slowly, quietly – the bus machine can have its five minutes of fame.

The bus passes green areas and wonderful, magnificent buildings! The bus cannot reach and show all the somewhat hidden cobblestone streets and museums, but hey – the whole city is a museum itself; just walking and looking…it`s enough. The unusal corners, balconies and ornamented street name plates are nothing but impressive museum exponates.


Gran Via shopping street got a new baby last year: super modern “Primark” shopping mall is about to open in five minutes. The queues are made from all the sides, ladies mostly, but also some gentlemen that act as if they are actually “not there”: looking at the bus timetable, checking their phone, just by chance taking the best strategic place in front of the…ooo it is opening now! The big metal curtain is rising up and the music is on! The escalators are running again (no mañana for them!) and everyone is in (both genders, just to confirm the small doubt from before). And many already know where to head; they are walking around with some intentions, with the naturally timed steps, as walking towards the home bathroom from the living room. Look at them. Some people are born for shopping sport.

Madrid Park

Noon is coming closer and people take their kids to The Buen Retiro Park. The little ones have already made their wish list in their smart little heads and know what to ask first: ice cream and candies! Or no – maybe to see that funny doll talking to everyone and making everyone laugh behind that funny stage wall? No, no! Rowing in the park lake – yes! That will be the wish no.1. Ok, maybe with an icecream. Yes, rowing with an icecream. And later we maybe get a dog as well. Everyone has one here. And that glass house. When we buy sugar foam, we can go to the glass house (Crystal Palace, grown up`s note).

After a good lunch and drink at..anywhere in Madrid!…the afternoon football match is about to start. Time for local beer and good Spanish gin and tonic and nails biting, for those that really believe football can be…okay okay, I respect the passion:-) But you know the joke when the guy is really late for the game, and after hearing the score is 0:0, he phews: “Good, I haven`t missed anything!”:-) But yes, a big respect for the supporters of “Real Madrid” and all their competitors. That passion can maybe only be compared to the flamenco steps.

The night has fallen and the stage is dark. The red female and male shoes step on the dusty floor. Long dress, scarf and hair are quiet and when the crying gipsy voice starts to sing about love in Spanish in so much life/death passion that suddenly everyone can understand Spanish, the shoes hit the beat of the heart, the darkness mixes with red and blue and everyones circulation in the room is soon synchronized with the ordered rythm. Flamenco, the raw dance of life, expresses that point when life and death meet, when the death is integrated as a life part.

Plaza Mayor cannot be more crowded than this time of night; midnight is approaching and everyone is up! Animal protectors and political activists, tourists and some local bachelor party guys! Elbow or go home! Noone seems to give up; everone is the crowd. Yes, Madrid crowd late at weekend night. A dynamic organism in the Madrid`s heart.  A big one. ¡Hasta Mañana!

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