You see, NYC…

You could say you feel pretty honoured after meeting The Big Apple, or just all right, or maybe even indifferent, but in any case small is unavoidable feeling. Not small, insignificant small, more like getting a perspective what a world metropola does to an individual. So it should. Because it is big. It is huge. It is vast. And it welcomes everyone.


I wonder what some ancient NYC characters would think of their city today. Like those Gangs of New York and first generation citizens and first generation immigrants…How would they perceive the change, the growth and the new New York face? Since change is absolutely necessary for any type of growth and development in this universe, everyone needs to accept it as such. So if someone does somehow (time travel machine soon to be invented if not already?) hear something from the lads mentioned above, he/she is very welcome to leave a comment in the field under this text. I wonder what they might think, but have to turn to the present and the begining of this story.

So – first meeting with the Big Apple today. Yes, yes, history and change, one can be a bit delayed and visit it not before this century, so it is good to stop for a bit in the middle of the Big Avenues and acknowledge the surroundings. “You see, NYC, here I am. I am putting my name on the forever list of your visitors. I am bringing my old little world to you, The Centre of the World. Brought it with me in my 20 kg luggage. (1 kg= 2,20 lbs). Can be a bit heavy, that one, but I am curious and I want to see what you have to offer to make my old little world richer.”


Everyone is swimming with everyone, in the crowd. Coffee in the hand, card swipe and shopping bags. Books (!) and smart phones in the subway. Easy flowing accent, buzz and – wake up! One guy almost fell from his subway seat; the loooong looong working hours away from home, getting up early, sleeping never enough, salary never enough, worries never lacking. `Tis tough, but he stays in the New York City. Times will change. Times are changing. New York is the center of the world (change) today.

So pick your borough, one to live in, one to work in, one to meet friends. Be that change. Contribute. Yes, admit – you are small. But New York has big ears. If you give up today – continue tomorrow. That`s life. Flow and change. And if you want to hear the first news, if you maybe see yourself as the part of the news, stay. Give yourself a chance. Bite that Apple, or something like that. New Yorker, this word – it makes you think?


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