Summer 2015 – IX

Dubai (August 1st – August 2nd 2015)

10 hours and 10 minutes – that is how long it took to reach Emirates. Again, we could not rely on our phone watches; we had to “eat” some extra hours on our “journey to the West”. Once we landed, it took some time with the visa paperwork so our luggage was one of the last to be picked up from the belt at the almost deserted airport. It was middle of the night, or better said around 3.00 am. Of course we could not afford ourselves to sleep, although watching movies in the airplane kept us awake most of the time during the flight.

So we checked in a super hotel and got a room at 47th floor. We watched the dawn breaking from huge windows and Dubai with its modern architecture in the middle of the desert waking up. Feeling was unreal. We felt pretty much like in the twilight zone, mostly because of jet lag, that we up until today (our 2nd day back home in Oslo) still have not cured properly. Yes, still wide awake at 04.00 am and very tired by 08.00 pm. 🙂

After breakfast in a restaurant on the 42nd floor (you get pretty high in Dubai!:), we decided to see the city before our eyes betray us and brains fall asleep. We went to Burj Khalifa, the biggest building in the world. 828 metres in height and 163 floors! Wow! You can imagine the view from there.

Dubai - Burj Khalifa
Dubai – Burj Khalifa
Dubai - Burj Khalifa
Dubai – Burj Khalifa

Even more amazing is to look at it from the outside, compared to the other small buildings of only few hundred metres. It was a giant! Worth visit. Forgot to mention the temperature. It was 45 degrees, give or take. We survived but do not know how.:) Take into account that we were “walking zombies” that day. But we did enjoy our stop over there. We also got one-day-metro tickets and took a long ride to the other side of the city. Dubai Marina was nice to discover with its promenade, harbour and boats, but the heat sent us soon back to the metro and its A/C.

Dubai - Marina
Dubai – Marina

We actually wanted to see much more of Dubai, but time was limited and we took this as a small bite that will motivate us to come again and enjoy the city`s night sights as well. We did not see much of those this time, as we were fast asleep the rest of the day and all the way until 02.00 am again, when the taxi took us to the airport and another flight of 7 hours++ that took us home to Norway.

We arrived safely, full of impressions and pretty proud how well it all went. This was a great adventure and we want to visit these countries again and again:

-Hong Kong with it`s perfect clear and organized enviroment!

-China, a special place where we met for the first time, has thousands of places yet to show us!

-Korea – we want to see more of you and enjoy your great food! Yes, we will learn more of the language next time:)

-Japan- Mt Fuji, gomen nasai, we could not wait for the fog to go away and to finally meet you in person-next time!

-Dubai- this was a short and sweet visit and you still owe us those night lights!

So, like so many times before, we have to close these travel door in order to open new ones. Thanks for keeping up with us and the good comments that we discovered during the trip.:)

Until next time, enjoy the life ride! xoxo k&d

K&D in Kyoto
K&D in Kyoto

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