Summer 2015 – III

(In the meantime – July 10th 2015)

Hello from Nanjing! We just managed to skip the typhoon that is coming for a visit in Zhejiang province, riding in a bullet train at a speed of 306  km/h!:)

k&d Fast Life in China
k&d Fast Life in China

Arrived here today with winds in our back in the afternoon and are already full of positive impressions from this ancient Chinese capital!

Stay tuned and in the meantime here come some photos of good old Chinglish and other funny signs:D

DSCN1300_002DSCN1300resized DSCN1524_007DSCN1524resized DSCN1516_006DSCN1516resized DSCN1514_005DSCN1514resized DSCN1502_004DSCN1502resized DSCN1421_003DSCN1421resizedDSCN1402_resized DSCN1372_resized DSCN1599_resized DSCN1371_resizedDSCN1569_resized

DSCN1699_011DSCN1699resized DSCN1700_012DSCN1700resized DSCN1702_013DSCN1702resized DSCN1726_014DSCN1726resized DSCN1727_015DSCN1727resized DSCN1757_016DSCN1757resized DSCN1769_017DSCN1769resized DSCN1772_018DSCN1772resized DSCN1775_019DSCN1775resized DSCN1776_020DSCN1776resized DSCN1799_021DSCN1799resized DSCN1853_022DSCN1853resized DSCN1856_023DSCN1856resized DSCN1883_024DSCN1883resized DSCN1929_025DSCN1929resized DSCN1930_026DSCN1930resized DSCN1989_027DSCN1989resized DSCN2037_028DSCN2037resized DSCN2100_030DSCN2100resized WP_20150703_13_10_58_Pro_resized WP_20150722_11_19_01_Pro_resized WP_20150722_11_19_37_Pro_resized

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