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Chinese Lantern Festival celebrations in Oslo 2012


We enjoyed the celebrations of the Lantern Festival (yuanxiao jie 元宵节), that concludes the Chinese New Year celebrations for The Year of the Dragon. The whole event was organized by The Chinese Sunday School (Kinesisk Søndagssskole) in Oslo.

In addition to the amazing dancing and singing performances, all the guests had the opportunity to enjoy Chinese – Norwegian traditional lunch. It was interesting to watch big queues in front of the tables full of Chinese spring rolls (chun juan 春卷) and Norwegian sausages in “potato pancakes” (pølse i lompe), Chinese sweet rice balls (yuan xiao 元宵) and Norwegian ice cakes…

However, the sweetest of all were the students of the school who showed different artistic and sport talents, that left us all speechless and amazed. The thrill of it all reached its peak during the traditional Chinese lottery that put a smile on many faces!

Have a good Year of the Dragon!!!


More photos:

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Photos by: Kjartan Ivar Paulsen