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New to New York

The broad avenues of New York City, shiny and magnificent “Big Apple”, hear the steps of uncountable number of European travellers every day. For many of them, it is likely neither the first, nor the last time to visit the city. Those in question already know the drill: queuing for the passport check after hours onboard, ladies feeling their skin getting dry and hair messy before being taken a photo of at the counter, and gentlemen with eyes sore of never enough of sleep. And all of them with a mobile in their hand (god forbid there was no internet on the plane!)

The next step: finding a drive on a popular app to take them to their long-awaited accommodation (also booked through a popular app). What follows next couple of days is a well-known routine to many: checking MyTransit app and subway rides (watching pretty much most of the time not to step on someone`s foot), sightseeing on Manhattan and climbing up the famous Rockefeller/Empire State Building/One World Trade Center for the best view and photos for a famous app, dining at diners, unforgettable “Broadway” and hockey game experiences and an app-ride back home when too tired to wait for the subway.

Arriving in New York to stay as a resident, however, is a completely different experience. It takes a village to fit into the logistics of moving from a smaller city somewhere in Europe to a huge metropolis, one has only visited as a tourist or maybe only heard of through popular culture products before.

One slowly, on daily basis, learns about the city and the reality which is much beyond the scenes depicted in movies or books. Yes, it is exciting and chaotic and noisy and fast. However, the diversity, not only of its population, but also of its five boroughs and suburbs, is never enough introduced to cultures to other continents.

After a seven-day MetroCard is replaced with a 127-dollar-monthly one, one becomes a daily subway commuter. One might see people with paperback novels reading in peace for almost an hour of ride. Or a grandfather showing a young girl the surroundings of Queens in sunshine, once the subway train goes above ground. Or a tired worker on a long ride to Bronx who slowly falls asleep on a subway`s bench. He quickly awakes and apologizes, smiling to people next to him. Or one might simply find oneself stuck with a mix of tourists and New Yorkers, with no need to hold a handle (which handle?) and no place to look but down at all the feet – on the way to 42nd street, close to Times Square and its lights.

And soon, there might come a day, when one wants to take a Saturday off to feel like a tourist again. To stand in line for the “Top of the Rock”. Or in front of the TKTS office to get the best discount for a Broadway show. Or to climb once again, like in the old days, one of the skyscrapers and take the best photo, for a famous app.

Besmrtnosti da mi je

Najbolja pesma koja je

od nastanka sveta stvorena

i koja ce ostati najbolja

do prestanka sveta



Besmrtnosti da mi je

sa zemlje

ne znam u prostore

dal` bih…..

Van zivljenja ima li smisla

drugi smisao traziti

Zamirisace zemlja

K`o svecica na nebu kad sine

izgubicu tren

nad zvezdama kad budem

uzalud cu traziti takvo mesto

kao sto je zemlja

kad zamirise biljem

na izmaku… (Tihomir M. Zivkovic)








初级“På vei”/ “Ny i Norge”

中级“Stein på stein”

高级“Her på berget”


每人价格 人组 六人组
60分钟节课 200挪威克朗 100挪威克朗
12节课学期* 2000挪威克朗 1000挪威克朗

*每节课90分钟, 一个星期两次

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Cadence Community Spotlight: Dragana – Interview

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Cadence Community Spotlight: Dragana

“Dragon” + “ana”, ya. The person is even cooler than the name, and this interpreter speaks Serbian, Chinese, English, Norwegian and Dutch

One of Cadence’s interpreters Dragana joins me for a fireside chat. We discuss normal things: everyday life, Ernest Hemingway, Salmon and Desert Island.

Dragana, let me first point out that Dragana is a ridiculously awesome name.

Thank you. Working in the professional world I often go by Lana, an international nickname that’s a bit easier to pronounce. Dragana is pronounced something like “Dragon + na” with a slight furling of the tongue on the Dr part.

Who is Dr(tongue furl)agana? Where are you from, how was your childhood, what are your interests?

I was born in Bosnia and grew up in Croatia and Serbia where I studied Chinese from 2000 to 2004. I have always been fascinated with languages, communicating is something I do well and I think I do it better than other things. As an interpreter you work with people, which is very enriching and also a good way to make a living. I see it as win-win on many levels. 😊

Why Chinese?

I was always interested in their exotic characters and Chinese philosophy. It was compulsory for students at my university to take two languages, I chose Chinese as my main area of focus and Dutch as a side project. So it would always be Chinese lectures in the morning and Dutch lectures in the afternoon and evening. I was even lucky enough to study in Belgium on scholarship for a bit. That being said the University of Belgrade was where I studied Chinese language and literature. At the same time I also became very passionate about journalism. I wrote for a local paper in Serbia while studying in 2002 and now I work as a freelance journalist for Chinese media in Norway. I was lucky enough that my Chinese teachers at Belgrade were very passionate about teaching and introducing Chinese culture to Serbian students. We did tai chi together in our spare time with our Chinese professors and made dumplings for Chinese New Year. After graduation I got a job offer to work as an English teacher in Fujian province so I moved to China in September 2005 and stayed there for a year until September 2006.


I ended up taking the HSK three times, two of the three times while studying at Belgrade and the last time in China. After my time in China I returned to Belgrade where I worked for a few Chinese companies across various industries like telecom, building and trading.

You’re like a Serbian Swiss Army knife.

Yes…In 2009 I moved to Oslo. It’s actually interesting to note Norway and Serbia have a very good relationship dating back to WW II, Norwegian food is quite similar to food in the Balkans, especially the mountain areas in Croatia where I grew up. You know Eastern Europe is famous for meat and potatoes but Norwegian food is just as delicious!

I have had Norwegian food once before and all I remember is that it was incredibly sweet.

Not sure but that might have been the tyttebær sauce (English: Cowberry, Red Whortleberry, Lingonberry, Lowbush Cranberry, Mountaain Cranberry, Partridgeberry, Red Billberry, Rock Cranberry) with mashed rutabaga: its a traditional Norwegian Christmas dish usually served with lamb meat, sausages.

How was the switch from Serbia to China to Serbia to Oslo?

People here are so friendly and have a different way of thinking. Culture shock is quite normal when moving to a place you’ve never been before. It is most times unavoidable to experience culture shock and it is interesting to note that people moving to a new place often experience the same kind of psychological states known as psycho-stages: enjoying the exotic, glorifying the homeland and full integration.

It goes a little something like this: 1st year is falling in love with the exotic culture, 2nd year is glorifying your own country and comparing it to everything that you see around you and 3rd is full integration.

{Gurgle}. I have lived in Beijing now for 10 months so in two months I should technically be moving into the second phase of integration?

Well, you might feel culture shock here and there, that is natural. But you are from America, right? I believe you will not have a difficult task in finding something to glorify your country for, considering its natural diversity.

What types of journalism do you like to cover?

Culture, health, education and social everyday life because I think these are the most important. I have a lot of freedom and feedback for covering things I want to cover, I have only been here for 3 months and there is a lot of communication between me and the news agency. My colleagues and I often communicate in Chinese when preparing the articles but I write in English for Xinhua. That being said, Norway doesn’t have any toupee-turning stories, it isvery stable. There are no big breaking news stories. theres 10 political parties but it is nearly impossible to decipher the differences. In spite of the recent oil crisis as you know, the economy is good compared to the rest of the world and salmon prices seem to be eternally going up up up.

Any good Chinese food in Olso {gurgle gurgle} ?

YES! There is a place called Dinner which is the most famous Chinese restaurant, I believe! Chinese friends that live in Norway probably have other good suggestions about where to go to eat good Chinese food the first people that migrated from China to Norway, had to cater the cooking to the local palate. Actually the first migrants from China mostly started their own restaurants, and a lot of them are still around so you know it’s good.

I have been subconsciously steering the conversation back to food this whole time. I will try to get back on track but if I mention food one more time please tell me to shut up. Ok. What is it like working for Xinhua?

Its actually different than my prior journalistic experiences. Back when I worked in Belgrade as a journalist, I was a local there and worked full time. Now I work for a international agency in a foreign country, it is quite special. As for my side-hustle, I work as a part-time freelancer and we cover happenings that are of interest for foreign communities; for example there is an annual culture festival here in Oslo during August called ERAS where people from all over the world gather in the city center and show their traditional costumes and food from their home country.

Desert island: you can bring three books with you on a desert island and those will be the books you will read for the rest of your life, what are they and why?

OOo, tough question as I am constantly reading. 1. Ernest Hemingway (for his short stories and even shorter sentences), 2. something psychology (not the self help kind, something more professional, maybe how the human psyche works), 3. third book could be something of a female author I really like, her name is Marija Jovanovic, she studied psychology as well and has a beautiful writing style. She knows how to express her self through only a word of two, something like Hemingway, but also uses long sentences. I could say that I like to read Hemingway because of his journalistic background and Jovanovic because of her psychology background — might be that is what makes me so connected to them when I read their work.


Talk business, anywhere

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“Deklaracija o pravima coveka” – Dragan Babic (1994.)

“Tvoje doba je presudno.Tebi možda nije.
Tvoja prava su izbor, sumnja, znanje, ljubav, kretanje.
Tebi, možda, to nisu nikakva prava.
Tvoje obaveze su iste.
Tebi možda nisu.
Drugi su pakao. Ali, i ti si njima.
Znanje je dosadno i glupo. Tebi, možda nije.
Neznanje je još dosadnije i gluplje. Tebi možda nije.
Ne postoji nikakvo drugo doba, drugi život, druga prava. Postoji samo ono što činiš sada.
Ti možda misliš da postoji posle. Drugi misle da posle ne postoji ništa.
Niko nema prava da ti naplaćuje život, da ti preti, da te muči, da te laže i da krije od tebe da moraš da se braniš verom u sebe i ono što voliš, onim što je lično, tvojim imenom i prezimenom i osobenim znacima.
Ti možda misliš drugačije.
Ako nije kretanje do smrti po sopstvenom izboru, život je tupo tapkanje u mestu do smrti.
Ti možda misliš drugačije.
To su tvoja prava.”

Dragana`s Articles for “Xinhua News Agency”

  1. Homosexual couples allowed to get married in Norway’s state church
  2. Majority of Norwegians positive about refugees as colleagues: survey – Xinhua
  3. Feature: Protests against Norway’s welfare service for taking children from parents
  4. Fewer applicants want to study petroleum engineering in Norway
  5. Norway proposes to let refugees make meals for school children
  6. News Analysis: Norway’s child welfare service urged to heed cultural differences 
  7. Norway’s security agency worried about possible radicalization of prisoners
  8. Shell to cut 140 jobs for stronger competitiveness in Norway: report
  9. Norway moves to introduce plain tobacco packaging
  10. Gearbox fatigue crack probable cause of Airbus H225 Super Puma crash: report
  11. Norway’s e-bikes sale in 2016 expected to quadruple from in 2014
  12. Norwegian media urged to play bigger role in promoting child welfare
  13. Fewer asylum seekers expected to arrive in Norway this year
  14. Norway plans to hike military funding over “deteriorated” security situation
  15. Norwegians throw bottles, cans worth 12 million dollars annually
  16. Norwegian parliament gives green light to sending troops to Syria
  17. Polar cod affected by small quantities of oil spill: research
  18. Norwegian police find no evidence of arson in deadly ferry fire
  19. Roundup: 36 pct of immigrant children living in poverty in Norway
  20. Norway’s fish exports to reach 12 bln USD in 2020: analyst
  21. Number of children exploited in human trafficking increases in Norway: report
  22. Lightning storm kills 323 reindeer in southeast Norway
  23. First dog cinema event organized in Norway
  24. Hawala system in Norway high risk for money laundering, terror financing
  25. Over 23,000 Norwegian schoolchildren compete to be eco-friendly
  26. Norway to launch new support scheme for green shipping
  27. Hairdresser in Norway fined for refusing client with hijab
  28. Oil companies on Norwegian continental shelf lose half of profits last year
  29. Printed newspaper circulation continues to decline in Norway
  30. Feature: Norway tries to improve statistics on bullying in schools
  31. Norway closes reception facilities as number of asylum seekers decreases
  32. Norway sends ships in Barents Sea to monitor Russian activities
  33. U.S. shale gas in the way of Norwegian gas producers: analyst
  34. Hospital strike postpones over 700 surgeries in Norway: report
  35. Norway to assess new weapon law after massive gun confiscation
  36. Norwegian PM criticized for cheering at professional boxing event
  37. Record breaking export of Norwegian seafood in first 9 months
  38. Train driver strike creates chaos in Norway
  39. Most Afghan men denied asylum in Norway: report
  40. Snowden appeals extradition lawsuit at Norwegian supreme court: report
  41. Lawmaker calls for postponement of FM network shutdown in Norway
  42. Hospital clown shows cancelled in Norway due to “killer clown” craze
  43. Number of low income citizens in Norway increases: report
  44. Partners behind one out of three murders in Norway
  45. Every fourth firefighter in Norway gets cancer: report
  46. Norway’s Statoil suspected to choose cost cuts over safety: report
  47. Norway’s biggest bank alleged to fund controversial Dakota Access Pipeline: report
  48. Norway’s oil sector cuts 40,000 jobs since early 2014
  49. Norwegian researchers claim cannabis abuse can triple risk of psychosis
  50. Norway’s central bank worried over citizens’ increasing debt: report
  51. Increased bank card fraud among clients of Norwegian banks
  52. 10,000 households without electricity in southern Norway
  53. Huge response to “house giveaway” during Christmas holiday in Norway
  54. European body worried about Norwegian hateful rhetoric against immigrants
  55. Norwegian minister calls for stronger cooperation with Britain
  56. Feature: Self-driving grocery vehicles introduced in Norway
  57. Norwegian police to use new “urban camouflage” uniform
  58. Norway can’t ensure loyalty of Syrian groups trained in Jordan: PM
  59. Norway to tighten grip on Arctic archipelago of Svalbard: report
  60. Roundup: Norway’s DNB funds sell stakes in companies building Dakota Access pipeline
  61. IMF hails Naorway’s reforms, targeted measures for regions, industries
  62. Norwegian cheese Kraftkar crowned best in world
  63. Norwegian police arrest 73 Afghans in immigration raid
  64. Chip in hand replacing key cards in Norway
  65. 51 men involved in extensive pedophilia networks in Norway
  66. Norwegian telecom company Telenor may face huge fine for violating competition rules
  67. Afghan asylum seekers on hunger strike in Norway over rejected applications
  68. Unidentified drones monitor military exercises in Norway: report
  69. Norwegians spend billions of kroner on Black Friday: report
  70. Norwegian fifth graders best in mathematics in Scandinavia: gov’t
  71. Norwegian taxi association hunts down Uber drivers: report
  72. Drivers in Norwegian city to pay toll on days with polluted air
  73. Norway’s 15-year-olds show good results in reading, mathematics, science
  74. Food variety in Swedish shops twice as big as in Norway: report
  75. Over 40 Afghan youth rejected for asylum in past six days in Norway
  76. Afghan ambassador to Norway calls for no mass deportations of refugees
  77. 2016 likely to be record year for Norway’s tourism
  78. Cars in Norway emit 42 pct more CO2 than claimed by producers
  79. One third female refugees in Norway can support themsevles
  80. Norwegian parents taking course about better parenting: report
  81. Norwegian taxi driver convicted of illegal driving for Uber services
  82. Printing of banknotes in Scandinavia to stop on Friday: report
  83. Oslo tightens security after Berlin attack: report
  84. Children in Norway living below poverty line increases in 2016
  85. Double prices for illegal parking in Norway from Jan. 1
  86. Lowest number of asylum seekers arrive in Norway in two decades: report
  87. Norway considers putting ankle monitors on asylum seekers: report
  88. Norwegian oil engineers keep jobs by working for reduced salary
  89. Norwegians use least income on real estate: report
  90. Norway court reviews mass murderer Breivik’s rights violation
  91. Winter flu claims lives of ten Norwegians: report
  92. First electric buses to come to Oslo in November
  93. Turkey rejects fear of ex-officers, diplomats seeking asylum in Norway
  94. Oslo bans diesel cars due to high air pollution
  95. Norway’s appeals court to rule on Breivik’s rights violation next month
  96. Bill Gates, Norway to invest in vaccines against epidemics
  97. Many older patients in Norwegian hospitals malnourished: report
  98. Norway forcibly returns record number of illegal migrants: report
  99. Norwegian companies invest in oil business in Iran: report
  100. Adults not enough informed about bullying in Norwegian schools: report
  101. EU’s emissions cut to increase power prices in Norway: report
  102. Majority of Norwegians cannot give up unhealthy life style after heart attack: report
  103. Norway’s Lutheran Church approves new liturgy for same-sex marriage
  104. Slow growth in Norwegian industry after oil crisis: report
  105. Lars Lagerback becomes new coach of Norway’s national football team
  106. Rising immigration to challenge Norway’s welfare state: report
  107. Norway calls in Russian ambassador to protest over visa rejections
  108. 30 plastic bags found in stomach of sick whale
  109. Norway mulls approving method of producing genetically modified salmon
  110. Some 270 Norwegian students drop school for chronic fatigue syndrome
  111. Norway government to promote new firearms legislation in spring: media
  112. Norwegian skier Therese Johaug banned 13 months for doping
  113. Norwegians buy much more environmentally friendly cars than before
  114. Unauthorized access to Norwegian public safety network detected: report
  115. Norway to legislate zero tolerance towards bullying in schools
  116. Norway’s PM urges U.S. to provide more development aid
  117. Norwegian Nobel committee chief Kullmann Five dies at 65
  118. Norway’s taxi licence rules breach EEA rules: monitoring authority
  119. Norway’s Telenor to leave Indian telecom market
  120. Donors to give 672 mln USD in aid to Nigeria, Lake Chad region
  121. 55,000 Norwegians suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder: report
  122. Norway to start Joint Viking military exercise next week
  123. Spotlight: Norwegian experts see China-Europe Trade positive overall
  124. More immigrant children living in poor families in Norway: data
  125. Women underrepresented among top executives in Norway: report
  126. Norway to come out well in Brexit negotiations: minister
  127. Youth crime rises in Oslo in 2016: report
  128. Record number of suicides among psychiatry patients in Norway
  129. Norwegian pharmacy customers save money in Sweden due to price gap
  130. Norway posts big decrease in asylum applications
  131. First bullying ombudsman hired in Oslo: report
  132. Defected Turkish officers receive asylum in Norway: report
  133. 2017 to be challenging for Oslo stock exchange: report
  134. Norwegian environmental organizations sceptical about biofuels
  135. Norway’s Telenor to launch much faster 5G mobile network in 2020
  136. Norway bank withdraws from disputed Dakota Access Pipeline project
  137. Northern Norway to need 4,000 new teachers in next ten years: report
  138. Increased number of poor children in Norway: report
  139. Norway to implement ad-free tobacco packaging from July 1
  140. Norway works on AI project to control hydropower plants
  141. Norway’s security service advises preparation for IS-indoctrinated children
  142. Norway, EU agree on new trade deal in agricultural products
  143. Home-made solar energy in Norway quadruples in one year
  144. Norwegian minister calls for indefinite storage of newborns’ blood samples
  145. Over 230 bln USD saved up in Norway’s oil fund: report
  146. Romani beggars in Norway in fear after TV documentary: report
  147. Norway to get electric airplanes in 10 years: report
  148. Smartwatches prohibited in Norwegian primary school
  149. Oslo airport opens new section, doubling size: report
  150. Berit Reiss-Andersen elected new chief of Norwegian Nobel Committee
  151. Electric car driver in Oslo punished for using doll as fellow passenger
  152. Norway’s Statoil hopes for big oil wells in Barents Sea
  153. 2,200 reindeer to be killed in Norway to stop chronic wasting disease
  154. Rare May snow in Oslo beats record for 1st time in 50 years
  155. Women thrive more than men in Norwegian armed forces: report
  156. Norway safe from ransomware attack: national security authority
  157. Oslo municipality fined for death of 63-year-old woman
  158. Farmers’ union block 25 food storages throughout Norway
  159. Norway’s tax income from oil industry drops significantly: report
  160. Sharp decline of fertility rate in Norway since 2009
  161. 50 new teachers to help youngest in Oslo schools
  162. Majority immigrants in Norway feel integrated in society
  163. Norway’s oil fund to invest in research meeting climate changes
  164. Food at Oslo airport restaurants expensive, of bad quality: report
  165. Oslo students monitored with surveillance cameras: report
  166. Foreign airlines against U.S. airport preclearance in Oslo
  167. Fewer petroleum science students in Norway “healthy sign”: expert
  168. Sharp decline of unemployment in Norway in May
  169. Norway to get special treatment during Brexit talks
  170. Uber threatens to withdraw from Norway: report
  171. Norway proposes to ban face coverings in schools
  172. Norway critical of Russian floating nuclear power plant
  173. Nine take-away restaurants in Norway shut down for hygiene breaches
  174. Norway police prohibit neo-Nazi group from demonstrating in July
  175. Norway police investigate series of car fire incidents in Oslo
  176. Oslo to get emission-free self-propelled buses in 2018
  177. Norwegian firms urged to invest in domestic offshore wind power
  178. Norway to use social media to reveal asylum seeker frauds
  179. Norway has world’s fastest mobile internet: report
  180. Neighbourhood influences child poverty in Norway
  181. Norway could become fully electrified by 2050: report
  182. Research shows oil workers at increased risk of skin cancer
  183. Norway to build world’s biggest data center: report
  184. Norway to ban semi-automatic rifles to boost security
  185. European nations, organizations condemn DPRK’s latest nuke test
  186. Lack of nursing home accomodation in Norway affects 103-year-old
  187. Norway uses digital surveillance to prevent illegal work on construction sites
  188. Hunter finds perfectly preserved viking sword in Norway
  189. Norwegian SAS pilots to strike on Thursday: report
  190. Boy, 6, dies after wrong treatment in Norway hospital
  191. Norway’s FM to become president of World Economic Forum
  192. Medieval boat being reconstructed in Norway: report
  193. Increased belief in conspiracy theories in Norway
  194. Norway’s former police officer gets 21 years for corruption
  195. Oslo sharply hikes price of residential parking
  196. Norway to get biggest aquarium in Northern Europe
  197. Norwegian business organization downgrades growth estimate for 2017: report
  198. Uber puts key business on hold in Norway
  199. Nordea teams up with Vipps payment solution in Norway
  200. Norway to continue internal Schengen border control after Nov. 11: minister
  201. Norway first in Europe to screen newborn for immune deficiency diseases
  202. Every fourth young driver in Norway drives over speed limit
  203. New bacteria research to improve vaccines
  204. Norwegian companies threaten to quit projects on capturing CO2
  205. 6,000 people in Norway have severe addiction problems, mental disorders
  206. 3,000-year-old graves found in Norway: report
  207. Over 32,000 new cancer cases registered in Norway last year: report
  208. Norway to get first underwater restaurant in Europe: report
  209. Man detained in Norway for holding up to 300 guns: report
  210. Tesla to build Europe’s largest charging station in Norway
  211. First 3 F-35 fighter jets to arrive in Norway this week: report
  212. Indonesia buys Norway’s NASAMS air defence system
  213. EU claims same rights to Svalbard’s snow crabs as Norway: report
  214. One control tower to manage 15 airports in Norway: report
  215. Norway’s mass murderer Breivik inspires French extremists
  216. Many eastern European workers leaving Norway: report
  217. Norwegian fishermen want to catch “endangered” porbeagle sharks
  218. Norway exported record amount of gas to Europe last year
  219. Norway to stop discharge of sewage from ships
  220. Norway’s Statoil seeks EU support for CO2 purification
  221. Car sharing might soon revolutionize transportation in Norway
  222. Norway discriminates against fathers in paid parental leave: EFTA watchdog
  223. Low population growth continues in Norway
  224. Norway hopes Turkey will accept apology for incident in NATO exercise
  225. 34-year-old Norwegian man sentenced to jail for joining IS
  226. Norway’s Police Security Service reduces threat level
  227. 4 out of 5 Norwegians receive unnecessary Christmas presents: survey
  228. 106 reindeer killed by trains in 3 days in Norway: report
  229. Somalis most satisfied immigrants in Norway
  230. 151 cases of sexual assault investigated in N. Norway: report
  231. Norway police supports unarmed forces
  232. Norway Post testing out Chinese electric van
  233. 21 glaciers in Norway retreated in 2017: report
  234. Norway FM says U.S. potential decision on Jerusalem could hinder peace process
  235. Wage differences persist between Norwegians males, females: report
  236. Whaling puts Norway on Anonymous hackers’ attack list: report
  237. Norwegians increase cross-border shopping in Sweden
  238. High rate of sexual harassment in Norway’s media industry: report
  239. Norway’s withdrawal of candidacy for OSCE chairmanship affects reputation: MP
  240. Environmental pollutants found at fast food chains in Norway: report
  241. Russia detains Norwegian man for alleged espionage: report
  242. Norway’s finance minister warns against investing in Bitcoin
  243. Norway’s Statoil says to increase oil drilling on continental shelf
  244. Norwegian Customs finds increased drugs, weapons ordered online by youth
  245. More than 50,000 Norwegian pupils bullied in 2017: report
  246. Norway exported weapons for over 400 million USDs in 2017
  247. Norway warned about skyrocketing benefit costs due to low population growth
  248. Norway names extreme Islamism as biggest threat
  249. NATO chief stresses need of adjustment to “more dangerous” world
  250. Oslo airport sees large boost in freight thanks to seafood: report
  251. Norway’s oil fund announces stronger anti-corruption measures
  252. Newspapers still most important news resources for grown-up Norwegians
  253. Use of cleaning agents can damage lungs: study
  254. Norway’s health professionals warn of increased infant mortality
  255. Norwegian researchers sceptical about biodegradable plastics
  256. Norway reports 3 measles cases as outbreaks soar across Europe
  257. Most Norwegians support abolition of fur industry: survey
  258. Norway’s oil fund sees positive return for 6 consecutive years
  259. Two people killed by train hit in Oslo
  260. Digital intelligence biggest threat to Norway: spy agency
  261. Norway increases quota for minke whale hunt in 2018
  262. 8 in 10 pregnant women in Norway have too little iodine: study
  263. Norway’s Kongsberg enters “biggest” deal with Qatar
  264. Tone Wilhelmsen Troen elected as Norway’s new parliament chief
  265. Significant increase in Norway’s solar energy sector
  266. Norwegian female soldiers as good as or better than men at field training exercise: study
  267. Norway calls for respect of WTO rules as U.S. threatens with tariffs
  268. Significant decrease of coastal cod fish in Oslo Fjord
  269. Nearly 4 in 10 immigrant children in Norway live in poverty
  270. Increased number of killed foreign warriors from Norway
  271. Norway Post agrees to reduce delivery frequency from 2020
  272. Norway’s legendary cross-country skier Marit Bjoergen retires
  273. Norwegian industry concerned about increasing trade protectionism
  274. Norwegian says not in discussion with IAG about takeover
  275. 2 in 3 asylum seekers given right to stay in Norway in 2017: report
  276. Cooperation of Nets, Alipay enable Chinese mobile payments in Nordics
  277. Norwegian police to start using electroshock weapons from next year
  278. Computer program, robot help Norway process immigration cases
  279. Increased crime in Oslo puzzles police, PM
  280. Tens of thousands clean Norway’s beaches
  281. Norway gov’t pays increasing amount for Facebook services
  282. EFTA watchdog sues Norway for discrimination against fathers
  283. Norway regrets U.S. decision to pull out of Iran deal
  284. Crow nesting causes power cut in western Norway
  285. Phthalate increases risk of newborns developing ADHD: research
  286. “Sunny days” for Norway’s economy
  287. IKEA bicycle recalled in Norway after accidents
  288. AI monitoring can help insurance firms, customers in Norway save money: report
  289. Norway’s PM sure of her party’s win in local elections next year
  290. Norwegian female soldiers more positive to mixed rooms in army: survey
  291. Possible strike of Norway’s 21,000 employees in financial sector
  292. OECD expects slower economic growth in Norway
  293. Warmest May in Norway in 100 years
  294. Record high UV radiation this May in Norway
  295. Norway warns of high debt, increased interest rate
  296. Man in Norway arrested for genocide in Rwanda in 1994
  297. U.S. loses influence after giving up support of G7 statement: Norway PM
  298. More U.S. Marines to stay in Norway for at least 5 years
  299. Scandinavian Airlines might sue drone pilots in Norway
  300. At least 100 moose die of hunger in Norway
  301. Norway best in world in traffic safety: report
  302. Norway sells more wind power in “wind-boom”
  303. Norwegian police seize 600 to 700 kg of cannabis
  304. Foreign gaming companies use illegal poker clubs in Norway to promote online poker
  305. Norway’s seafood exporters to pay 8.58 mln USD less as China cuts tariffs
  306. Few genetically modified food in Norway: report
  307. Drought making problems for agriculture in Norway
  308. Increased number of Turkish asylum seekers in Norway
  309. Oslo police lack investigators in child abuse cases
  310. More than half of Norwegians feel addicted to mobile phone
  311. VR technology to help Norwegian boys improve maths learning
  312. Hundreds of offshore workers in Norway go on strike
  313. Numerous forest fires reported in eastern, southern Norway
  314. Over quarter million Norwegians have debt from vacation last year
  315. Between 250 and 300 forest fires in southern Norway last week: report
  316. 6 in 10 Norwegian parents check children’s mobile phones
  317. GDPR comes into force in Norway
  318. One person killed in Norwegian gyrocopter crash: report
  319. Norwegian bank DNB, Apple compete to win mobile payment clients
  320. Critical low water level in southern Norway: report
  321. Norway criticized for using Facebook in residence cases processing
  322. Cruise ship passenger attacked by polar bear on Norway’s Arctic Svalbard
  323. Norway’s kindergartens ban niqab, burka on employees from Aug. 1
  324. Drought causes Norway’s worst crop production in over 50 years
  325. Warmest July in Norway since 1900
  326. Norway records highest power price in July
  327. Crop damage by drought in Norway might worth over 133 mln USD
  328. Norway might follow EU to increase climate efforts
  329. Norwegian crop farming could suffer loss of some 667 mln USD
  330. Norway refuses to give drought-stricken farmers extra aid package
  331. Norwegian parents disagree on who knows best for children
  332. More rain needed in Norway as power prices double: report
  333. Norway’s fisheries minister resigns after controversial trip to Iran
  334. Horses in Norway slaughtered because of drought crisis
  335. Immigrant family use fake passports to seek asylum in Norway: report
  336. Climate change forces adjustments on Norway’s Arctic Svalbard
  337. Norwegian farmers expected to claim over 159 mln USD in compensation after dry summer
  338. Increased number of suicide cases in Norway: report
  339. Norwegian customs destroy fake goods for over 1.35 mln USD this year: report
  340. Coca-Cola threatens legal action against Norwegian soda producer: report
  341. Viking heritage in Norway may be in danger: experts
  342. Norway authorities reveal top secret military sites: report
  343. Norwegian soda removed from shelves after warning from Coca-Cola
  344. New int’l agreement signed to prevent illegal fishing in Arctic Ocean
  345. Email passwords of prominent Norwegians leaked online: report
  346. Toyota recalls over 14,000 hybrid cars in Norway
  347. Only one in four health workers vaccinated against influenza in Norway
  348. Norway increases defence budget by 7.3 pct for 2019
  349. NATO requires Norway to purchase two aerial refueling aircraft for F-35 jets
  350. Traces of Viking ship detected in southeastern Norway
  351. Norway court orders release of Russian spy suspect
  352. Nigard glacier in western Norway retreats 80 meters: report
  353. Nordic countries agree to cooperate on climate change, sea environment
  354. Wage gap increases in past 20 years in Norway: report
  355. Drug smugglers have children in cars to avoid Norwegian border control
  356. German soldier died after being hit by car in Norway: report
  357. Norwegian farmers get grant of 36.9 mln USD after summer drought
  358. Norway’s frigate almost completely under water after collision with oil tanker
  359. Norway says Russia interfered with GPS signals during NATO exercise
  360. Norway to stop subsidizing bitcoin data centres with free electricity: report
  361. Big increase predicted in oil industry investments in Norway in 2019
  362. Higher demand for Christmas trees produced in Norway
  363. Norway’s former minister charged with sexual assault against asylum seekers: report
  364. Package with explosives sent to police station in Norway
  365. Man arrested for sending package with explosives to police station in Norway
  366. Al Gore: climate change consequences impact all of us
  367. Hundreds of Norway Post employees might lose job next year: report
  368. Norway enters into climate agreement with EU
  369. Norway’s business organization worried about chaotic conditions after Brexit
  370. Fish farmer seeks compensation from Norwegian navy after frigate collision
  371. Norwegian lady decorates home with more than 2,000 Santa-like dolls: report
  372. Norwegian krone drops as crude oil prices plunge
  373. Norway, UK enter agreement related to Brexit
  374. Every eighth toy sold in Norway is illegal: report
  375. Strong growth of Norwegians’ wealth: report
  376. Arctic loses 14,000 tons of water each second: report
  377. Thousands of birds killed illegally in Norway: report
  378. Record sale of sparkling wine in Norway:report
  379. Over 60 pct of Norwegians against private use of fireworks
  380. Norway to offer more duty relief on agricultural goods from poor countries
  381. Majority of Norwegians support oil, gas exploration: survey
  382. Pharmacies in Norway lack important medications: report
  383. Over 100 people to be evacuated on Norway’s Arctic Svalbard ahead of snow storm
  384. Norway’s oil investments expected to surpass 16.56 bln USD in 2019
  385. New environmental measures to impact Norway’s water resources
  386. Norway sees record yearly exports of 117 bln USD in 2018
  387. Regulated gambling urged in Norway with over 120,000 addicted gamers
  388. Carpooling market in Norway growing bigger: report
  389. Viking helmet reassembled at Norway museum
  390. Norwegian oil, gas industry expects growth in 2019: report
  391. Age of children at time of parents’ divorce significant for later use of antidepressants: study
  392. China to lead world economic growth in 2019, 2020: report
  393. Norway football referee admits sexual abuse against several hundred boys
  394. Norway’s food safety watchdog warns against consumption of energy drinks
  395. Norwegian Seafood Council urges more export before Brexit
  396. Norway’s Arctic archipelago Svalbard five degrees Celsius warmer: report
  397. Too few Norwegian children under protection adopted by foster parents: report
  398. Oslo bans loose dogs as wild animals struggle due to big snowfall
  399. Norway wants to secure citizens’ rights in case of no-deal Brexit
  400. Norway’s glaciers at risk to melt away: report
  401. Half of Norwegian students not informed enough on reporting harassment: survey
  402. Norwegians develop environment-friendly hybrid fishing boat
  403. Court allows Norway to punish EU fishermen who catch snow crabs at Svalbard
  404. Microplastics found at Nordic sea bottom and in its living organisms: report
  405. Sexual harassment recurrent among Norwegian troops: report
  406. Norway, Russia cooperate to prevent plastic waste in Barents Sea
  407. Report: Norwegians are favorite targets of cyber crime
  408. Immigrants to Norway at lowest level since 2006
  409. One killed, 2 injured by electricity in train tunnel in Norway
  410. Oslo police report 44 crime cases with knife as weapon in first 55 days of 2019
  411. Norwegian woman sentenced to 21 years of preventive detention for killing father, former partner
  412. Norway’s PM, FM to attend Arctic forum in Russia in April
  413. Strong opioid use increases in Norway: report
  414. Two men arrested for stealing van transporting cyanide in Norway
  415. Man in Norway charged for internet sexual offense against 263 children
  416. Norway records lowest fertility rate in 2018: report
  417. Norwegian airline grounds all 18 Boeing 737 Max aircraft
  418. Norwegian airline to charge Boeing for cancelled 737 Max flights: report
  419. Norway’s PM condemns mass shootings in New Zealand
  420. Norway’s central bank increases key rate by 0.25 pct:report
  421. Nearly half of Norway’s kindergartens lack qualified teachers: report
  422. Buried Viking ship found in southern Norway: report
  423. 2 people killed by avalanche in northern Norway: report
  424. Low oil pressure cause of cruise ship trouble off Norway coast
  425. Man in Norway to be charged for sexual offense against over 50 minors
  426. Hate crimes rate increasing in Norway’s Oslo: police
  427. Norway to increase penalties for environmental crimes
  428. Norway’s oil fund to invest more in renewable energy
  429. Russia to conduct missile test in Norwegian Sea: report
  430. Norway proposes law to ban keeping fur animals by 2025
  431. Norwegian soldiers lack training on int’l humanitarian law: survey
  432. Norwegian man sentenced to 14 years in Russia prison over spying charges
  433. Norwegian police call for quiet Easter days
  434. Norwegians employed in urban private companies drink most: research
  435. Salvage of sunken Norwegian frigate costs 85.2 mln USD
  436. Children of Norwegian IS supporters can return with parents’ consent: PM
  437. Record number of inquries measured by Norwegians consumer council due to airline strike:report
  438. Norway opens first microplastics lab in Nordic region
  439. Norwegian municipality bans sale of glacier ice cubes: report
  440. Number of Norwegian foreign warriors in Syria, Iraq reduced to 20: report
  441. Norwegian police reveal massive trade of illegal weapons: report
  442. Algae bloom kills 11,600 tonnes of farmed salmon in Norway
  443. 80 pct of injured terror attack victims in Norway still suffer from chronic pain four years later
  444. First aid stations in Norway lack doctors: survey
  445. Norway’s competitiveness weakened in international ranking
  446. World’s largest Atlantic salmon producer to sell salmon via in China
  447. U.S., Canada, European countries caught up in growing G7 rift over tariffs
  448. Some 600 Norwegian police officers injured last year: report
  449. Water poisoning in western Norway could cost companies 1.5 mln USD: report
  450. Norway to tighten licensing conditions for wind power
  451. Animal excrements likely reason of water contamination in western Norway
  452. Norway gas station explosion started with hydrogen leakage: preliminary report
  453. 62 municipalities in Norway asked to boil water before drinking: report
  454. Norway gets first biosphere reserve
  455. Norway plans to halve emissions from shipping, fishing by 2030
  456. Norway to discard sunken navy frigate due to cost consideration
  457. Norway encouraged to speed up green shift in industry: report
  458. DNB becomes most valuable bank in Nordic region
  459. Norway to remove VAT on electronic books
  460. Bacteria caused bee disease reported in Norway
  461. Norway’s oil fund reaches new height of 1.09 trillion USD
  462. Girls score better than boys in Norway’s schools: report
  463. Man in Norway charged for online sexual offense against children
  464. Norway’s mainland economy sees higher growth: report
  465. Norway’s Kongsberg enters deals worth 880 mln USD
  466. Norway rejects EU request to accept migrants rescued in Med: report
  467. Digital reading bad for concentration, patience: research
  468. Norway’s shipowners urged to be on guard after UK tanker seizure
  469. Fresh water pond found on seabed outside Norway coast
  470. Norway’s oil fund sets new record with 1.093 trillion USD
  471. Oil prices unaffected by events in Middle East: Equinor
  472. Over 200 dead reindeer found on Norway’s Arctic Svalbard: report
  473. Norwegian turns old Viking chess into video game
  474. Heat wave threatens existence of Norway’s glaciers: report
  475. Norway sees lowest salmon prices this year
  476. 50-year-old man presumed dead as landslide, flood hit western Norway
  477. Norway’s Labor party anxious about “space race” in Europe
  478. Unexpected increase of unemployment in Norway:report
  479. Norwegian doctor receives warning for words against Muslims: report
  480. Norway claims Russia increasing drilling activity off its coast: NRK
  481. Norwegian government urges big companies to recruit more disabled jobseekers
  482. Norwegian attraction Preikestolen draws record number of visitors
  483. Increased number of children lives in families with persistently low income in Norway
  484. Two injured in mosque shooting in Norway on eve of Eid al-Adha
  485. The Latest: Perpetrator, one person injured in mosque shooting outside Oslo
  486. Young woman found dead following Mosque shooting near Oslo
  487. Oslo mosque shooting investigated as terror attack attempt: police
  488. Roundup: Oslo mosque shooting condemned by public, investigated as terrorist attempt
  489. More Norwegian politicians condemn mosque shooting
  490. Norwegian mosque shooter has no weapon licence: police
  491. Oslo stock market in decline after negative signals from global economy
  492. Food prices in Norway increases most among Nordic countries
  493. Norwegian labour market sees highest growth since oil crisis
  494. Norwegian minister, gas producers optimistic despite competition and lower prices
  495. Norwegian mosque shooter to be observed by forensic psychiatrists
  496. 27 Norwegian soldiers hospitalized during military exercise
  497. Norway’s Hydro pleads to lift ban on waste deposit area in Brazil
  498. Four people dead in helicopter crash in northern Norway
  499. 300 Norwegian postal employees to lose job
  500. Interest rate in Norway unlikely to increase further
  501. Police warn of likely terror act by Norwegian right-wing extremists
  502. Peninsula becomes island in Norway due to glacier melting: report
  503. Norway’s Conservatives, Labor suffer in local election
  504. Fire on oil tanker in west Norway put out
  505. Oil tanker fire in Norway put out
  506. Unpopularity in kindergarten increases risk of infections: study
  507. Drastic oil price increase may affect Norwegian airfares: report
  508. Norway’s central bank raises key rate for fourth time in one year
  509. Norway’s central bank prognoses weak krone until 2022
  510. Norway needs more students of medicine: report
  511. Uber considers comeback to Norway
  512. Cabin crew of SAS, Norwegian Air Shuttle suggest limiting alcohol sales to passengers
  513. Norwegian man caught smuggling almost 1,500 liters vodka: report
  514. Norway to save 615.3 mln USD in oil fund, less than expected
  515. Norway’s state auditor’s report finds police weakness against cyber attacks
  516. 3 Norwegian farmers charged for violating animal welfare act
  517. Natural damage costs Norway over 3.2 bln USD since 2008: report
  518. Singaporean company fined for beaching attempt out of Norway
  519. Norwegian krone weakest against euro since 2008
  520. Armed man arrested after hijacking ambulance in Oslo
  521. Armed people hijack ambulance in Oslo, connection with right extremists investigated
  522. Record year predicted for Norway’s oil fund
  523. Norway’s CO2 emissions reach lowest level since 1995
  524. Norway to start commercial electric flights in 2023: reports
  525. Income of 100 richest Norwegians almost double in last 10 years: report
  526. Norwegian recidivist sentenced to 15 years in preventive custody for sexual offense
  527. One in 20 Norwegian children exposed to violence at home: report
  528. Ambulance hijacker charged with five attempted murders
  529. Feature: Senior lecturer leads New Yorkers to wonderland of classical Chinese literature