About Dragana


Dragana_KIP_7750 (571x800)Dragana is a graduated sinologist. She holds a Master’s degree in Chinese society and politics from the University of Oslo, Norway and a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. In addition, she is also a graduated trauma therapist in the field of Identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy (IoPT) from the Institute for Traumawork in Oslo.                  

Speaking five languages and with experience as an interpreter, translator and language teacher for more than ten years both in Serbia, China and Norway, Dragana has also worked as a freelance journalist for Chinese media in Norway. Today, Dragana resides in the United States and works in New York City.

Dragana`s idea is to use knowledge and resources from the two fields she is educated in (Communication & Psychology), in order to enrich her contribution to the society she lives in:

  • better understanding of human psyche and identity, can help us communicate on a much deeper level with people, both as journalists, interpreters and language tutors

  • active engagement in the vast field of communication, where one often transfers the meaning of words and knowledge from person to person, produces an asset for better understanding of people`s emotions and psyche and makes us better therapists

Dragana is result-oriented, but also very aware of the importance of good time, quality and patience. Her approach is all about strengthening your identity, autonomy and communication. Dragana uses both Norwegian, English, Chinese and Serbian language in her work.